Chawk What a bunch of sexy looking motherfuckers.

It's time.

Riokou a posted Nov 13, 14

10H SoO Cleared in 3 Hours

Riokou a posted Oct 8, 14

The only wipes were two accidental/not-ready pulls on Sha and Malkorok. Everything else including Siegecrafter, Paragons, and Garrosh were 1-shot kills. Great way to end the expansion everyone, and congrats on your mounts!

Check out those Paragons titles:

Pandax that's how we do it.
Achooz That little mushroom off to the right? That's my mushroom.
Vondur Everything just came together... Amazing!! Later SoO! *Mic Drop* Here are the logs for the night: http://www.warcraftlog ...