Happy Summer everybody!

Summer is here and we are going to enjoy it. The main 25 man raid has taken a much deserved break until 6.0 where we will pick up where we left off and practice this mythic raiding thing ;-)

Anyways, if you are looking for a new guild and think you are an exceptional player who can complement our raid team, don't be afraid to send in an application. We are not actively recruiting, but are always looking for that extra man or woman who is superb in pushing buttons. It is however important to know that we are currently not raiding 25 man content. So if you want to jump on this wagon in 6.0 or later in WoD and are looking for a new place to call home, we might just have that spot for you. 

Happy summer and good luck!

Vondur's Awesome edited version of our Kill!

Nyreeh's Video directly taken from

spyndrift Awesome job guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Vondur Hellz yeah guys (and gals). What a ride!!!! I'm still numb!!
Achooz o Good times, congratulations guild.

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